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Inn in georgetown Georgetown, maine–A garland of roses twined around the staircase banister and Cheap Tiffany Earrings big bouquets sat on practically every table when we arrived at grey havens inn on a sunday afternoon. “There was a wedding here yesterday,”Tiffany dumas explained, “and we left the roses so our guests could enjoy them. “Dumas, who is also a wedding photographer, grabbed one of our suitcases and called for her husband, chris, to take the other.They bounded up the stairs to lead us to room 14 on the third floor. In just their second year as resident innkeepers of grey havens, the dumases’ fresh enthusiasm for the hospitality trade still shows.Tiffany’s parents, marcus and cathy headley, purchased the landmark inn on a rocky bluff overlooking sheepscot bay in 2005.“Be sure to explore the whole house,”She encouraged us.Each room has a different decor and the door remains open until someone checks in. Built in 1904, grey havens is among the few shingle-Style hotels still operating in new england, a distinction that earned it a spot on the national register of historic places.But it’s not so much the architecture as the relaxed seaside atmosphere that makes grey havens a timeless retreat. In time-Honored cottage style, the walls of our room glowed with the venerable gold of clear-Varnished spruce beadboard.The same paneling on the ceiling was painted a light blue to mirror the blue of the bay, visible through a single window with lace curtains fluttering in the breeze.The queen bed had a curving iron headboard, creamy beige coverlet, And floral pattern quilt.In the bathroom, the beadboard was painted White And the floors were covered in yellow-And-White-Checkerboard linoleum squares.There was a shower stall, but no tub.On the wall-Mounted sink, a large seashell served as a soap dish. Like most guests, we didn’t spend many daylight hours in our room.The vast lounge has a floor-To-Ceiling fireplace of smooth beach boulders at one end and a 12-Foot window at the other to let in the light and the view. (The piece of glass is said to have been the largest in maine in 1904 and was shipped from rockland aboard an ice barge. )The panorama encompasses a string of long, thin spruce-Covered islands stretched out between a saltwater cove on the inn’s “beach”And the peninsula of five islands harbor in the middle distance. That view is even better when accompanied by salty breezes on the broad wrap around porch, where we quickly laid claim to a couple of white wooden rockers.Tiffany had taken care of all of the essentials:A big tub was filled with ice and cold drinks, a basket by the reception desk had an assortment of sunscreen and bug spray.Several pairs of binoculars were handy for spying on lobstermen tending traps or following the flight of a pair of ospreys. Two other rockers were occupied by a mother and her doctor daughter from alabama making their first trip to new england.They consulted guidebooks to plan excursions for the next day.They might paddle a kayak up the sheltered fiord of robinhood cove, or jaunt up to the maine maritime museum in bath.Or maybe they would hang out just down the road at reid state park, enjoying some of the best sand beaches in maine. (The park was a gift to the state by businessman walter e.Reid, the first owner of grey havens. ) The current owners haven’t yet realized their ambitions to serve dinner at the inn, so we booked a table at the robinhood free meetinghouse, a study in modern simplicity with straight-Backed wooden chairs, white linen tablecloths, and spinning ceiling fans.Executive chef and owner michael gagn has crafted an ambitious menu for this patch of maine coast.The herb vinaigrette on the roasted asparagus with mixed greens, tomatoes, crisped pancetta, and shaved parmesan was a french classic, as were the duck livers in puff pastry and the scallops pernod.Dessert, however, was classic maine:Blueberry cobbler with the chef’s signature biscuit on top. Blueberries made another appearance in the form of gigantic muffins on Tiffany UK the breakfast buffet table in the dining room of grey havens, where the tables are covered in blue and white checked cloths and shelves on one wall hold a collection of blue and white china.A baked egg dish, fruit bowl, cereals, pastries, and breads rounded out the spread. Mid-Morning, when we said our goodbyes, the alabamans deals on tiffany charms were rocking away on the porch, still debating their options for the day.We bet they never budged.Why would they?