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Incompetent coworkers Or at least slap some common sense into her.To tell you the truth i’m surprised i’ve held out this long!Well i guess you guys will want to know what it is this lady is doing to sale me that has got my panties in a bunch?I shall give you a glimpse into my day as i work 8 hrs with her(Thank god she leaves in the afternoon cuz i could not work an day with the women!She drives me crazy! ). Before i continue i will dole out one important tidbit of wisdom: )–Never work in a place that employes 32 females in an enclosed space(Like a daycare center).The reason:Too much estrogen–Leads to too much drama! So yeah thats my advice to you!One to my useless partner who i have rechristened tweedledum.This weeks issue began on monday.Mondays fundamentally sucks but this monday was pretty bad because the first thing that happens as i walk into my classroom is ben trying to climb this little kitchen stove.This little kidlet just turned one last week but he is a dare devil so you always have to keep an eye on him.So as i walk into the room ben is climbing the toy stove and tweedledum is watching him and doesn’t try to stop him.Now let’s use some commonsense here:One yr old + climbing toy stove = disaster!Which is exactly what happened! So tell ben to stop and then tell tweedledum that she can’t just sit there and watch him do something dangerous and she just smiles and said i wasn’t going to let him get hurt.I wanted to say something snippy but it was monday and i was low on caffeine.So i turn around to take my coat off and put my things away and guess what ben tries to do once he knows i’m not watching(This little kidlet seems to know that tweedledum is the teacher who does nothing, while i’m the teacher he actually listens too)?That’s right people he tries to climb the stupid toy stove again! And bamm!And the deals on tiffany charms screaming starts!Looked a little like this plus blood! Lots of blood!Turns out ben’s slammed into the edge of the toy stove, which cause his top teeth to cut into his tongue.She was put on tuesday and i came in after she left on wednesday.So today!She all super nice but i know that she just wants me to be happy with her which i can’t because every time ben smiles i see his little tongue scar. We have this cry baby in our room that likes to be carried and i’m trying to teacher her that just because she cries does not mean she will get picked up.But it becomes difficult to teach a kidlet that when a certain someone i won’t say any names *cough*tweedledum*cough* picks her Tiffany Sale up every time she cries. So today i told her not to pick her up to leave her on the carpet and if michele want to cry well she wasn’t just going to have to cry on the floor. Strike one 9:30-Tweedledum picks michele up.I was just about ready to strangle her.I kindly tell her to put michele down and she’s all like”But she will cry”Well no duh! Strike two 10:45 Tweedledum picks Michele up.My patience was thin mainly because michele had been crying for 30 mins already.At this point i was fed up i walked over to her took michele out of her arms and place her in out time out corner.Tweedledum looked a little dumb struck and i walked out of the room because if i had opened my mouth happy words would not have come out!And i go to my supervisor and tell her that if she doesn’t talk to that useless women in my room i was going to end up fired and probably charged with assault.At which point my supervisor said two things that instantly made me laugh(Which helped a lot! ).The first thing she said was what degree assault and the second one was i know a good lawyer so you’ll probably one do community service. That really cleared the gloom i was experiencing this morning!But yep that is my uber-Stubborn partner!What do you guys think?Am i just being a pain?Is tweedledum trying to get me to hurt her? Before you answer this question i want you guys to think if you’ve ever worked with a person that seems beyond reason totally incompetent and on top of that totally ignores everything you tell them?Have you ever met someone like that?